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Building synergy

Jumuiya ya Afrika is a culmination of years of friendship, togetherness and collaboration between Africans who live or work in Bermuda. These prior interactions saw a representation at a May 25th parade and many other events that sought to make it possible for Africans to play a part in the day to day Bermudian life and culture as well as display its own culture and heritage.

The groundswell to create a formal platform arose from the unfortunate passing of the family of Paul Njoroge in the Ethiopian Airlines crash of 2019.

This sad event brought the community closer together than ever and quickened the need to establish a legal framework to see through the willingness within the community to offer itself in service to the mutual benefit of Africa and Bermuda.

Through our founding trustees Henry Thomas, Nana Otu Turkson and Priscilla Ogamba Oduori, the charity was registered under the Charities Act 2014 on 18th September 2020 with the number 1018.

Our name Jumuiya ya Afrika which means “African Community” was chosen befittingly in Swahili as it is the only indigenous African language used internationally. Our name together with this website encapsulates the community we seek to create with ourselves and the people of Bermuda, so we can harness our synergies to mutual benefit.

The Charity will amongst other things, organise public events to celebrate and promote African culture and history and provide guidance and support to Africans about Bermuda, its people and what it offers.

With your help, participation and encouragement, this Charity will grow to take its pride of place in Bermuda and bring Africans and Bermudians closer together with an understanding and appreciation for each other.

Common goals

We have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are aligned to our work and values. As a cross-cultural organisation, we are committed to continually supporting global efforts to achieve these goals.

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