About us

Fostering ties

Jumuiya Ya Afrika’s purpose is to foster and sustain close and meaningful economic, educational, cultural and social ties between the people of Bermuda and Africa.

Shared opportunity

We aim to provide opportunities for artists, musicians, teachers and historians from Africa and Bermuda to exchange and share ideas, perspectives, lessons and artistic expressions, through networking events and other cross-cultural programmes.

Africa in Bermuda

Our history

Our history culminates years of friendship and togetherness. Through this collaboration, we play a part in Bermudian culture and also showcase our culture and heritage. Read more about how our charity started.

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Mutual linkages

Through our work, we seek to establish and encourage commercial linkages that are mutually advantageous to the people and economies of Africa and Bermuda. Our overarching aim is aid to in the future prosperity of both people.

African Culture Bermuda

Common goals

We have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are aligned to our work and values. As a cross-cultural organisation, we are committed to continually supporting global efforts to achieve these goals.

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